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Where: Main Street, Aurora, OR

Time: 9 am-4 pm



PRINT, FILL OUT, SIGN, AND MAIL the documents in the product photos. Thanks!



We're excited you'd like to join our fun outdoor antiques market this summer!

The following are the guidelines that will help all of us:

*You will need to provide your tables, chairs, awnings, etc.

*Registration will begin at 6 AM on Saturday, September 14th. You must register at ”Vendor Check-In” before set up. Located in front of the American Legion Hall at 21510 Main St.

*Vehicles should line up, we will guide you to your space number from there.

*When you register you will receive a packet containing your space number and parking permit for vendor parking.

*We ask that you display your space number in your booth as this will be your address for the day.

*When you arrive in your space please unload your vehicle first, go park your vehicle, and then come back and begin to set up.

*It is imperative that all vehicles be off the street no later than 8:30 AM so that the barricades can be moved over, to close the street.

*Your parking permit number is the same as your booth number.

*When you park in the vendor area, which we will direct you to, place the permit on your dash. Parking spaces are at a premium and we ask that you park respectfully so that we have space for everyone.

*The shop owners and employees will be parking in that area also.

*Dealers need to maintain their space in a safe, clean manner. Please remove all trash from your area during and after the event.

*We highly recommend that you provide an awning for your space to combat weather conditions, whether that is hot or wet.

*Each space will be marked off and you will need to stay within the designated lines of your space due to fire marshal codes. Sidewalks must remain clear.

*The ACVA and its volunteers are not responsible for any injuries, or loss in the event of fire, theft, breakage, or act of God.

*Breakdown after the show begins no earlier than 4 PM and no vehicles will be allowed on the street before 4:30 PM. Your space must be completely broken down and ready to load before your vehicle will be allowed on the street.


**This looks like a lot of information and it is, but it will help us all make this a more organized event which leads to a lot more fun. ***



Please promote the event on your social media! The image can be found on the Aurora Colony Visitors Association's Facebook and Instagram pages. ***

SEPTEMBER 14th 2024 - Outdoor Antiques Market 10x20 Space

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